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Seasonal Info for Large Animals, Mountain Empire Large Animal Hospital

Seasonal Info for Large Animals, Johnson City, TN

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Seasonal Information

Harsh Winter Conditions are still causing lots of problems for us.

Remember to check water sources and make sure they are not freezing or use tank heaters or heated buckets to ensure animals are drinking adequate amounts of water.  In the Winter when livestock are consuming more hay, if they do not drink enough water,  gastrointestinal impactions may develop. Continue to provide mineral/salt blocks which help encourage water consumption.

When feeding hay, especially round bales, check for any spoiled or rotting segments that may reside deep in the bales. Botulism vaccinations provide protection against the strains of Botulism that we see in our region of the country.  Botulism is caused by a Clostridial bacteria which produces a paralyzing toxin typically ingested at feeding.  Prevention is superior to treatment and more economical not to mention the guarded response to treatment if an animal develops botulism.

Provide adequate shelter or a wind break that is at least three-sided.  Animals utilize additional calories in the Winter just to stay warm.  Make sure they are receiving sufficient calories to sustain them especially the geriatric animals which have less fat stores to rely upon.

Continue to adequately deworm livestock during the Winter.  Even excessively cold temperatures do not reduce the number of intestinal parasite larvae on pastures.

Keep vaccinations current.  Even though many animals are not traveling during these months, animals that are housed together in more close confinement and stressed  are vulnerable to upper respiratory conditions which are highly contagious.  Juvenile and geriatric animals are more vulnerable to these infections than mature animals.  Also provide prenatal vaccinations appropriately to pregnant livestock to ensure adequate immunity to their young by boosting colostral antibodies and protecting the dam.

Oral health is vital to proper nutrition and weight maintenance. Make sure routine dental care is maintained. Especially as animals age, their teeth are vital to maintain body condition. If unsure, schedule an examination.

If you have any questions about these health issues or others, please contact our office.

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